Google Reports that People secretly searche for ‘World War III’ as Tensions Escalate: “It Breaks every HISTORIC RECORD” (VIDEO)

Tensions are running high, governments are quarreling and people are freaking out. According to Google Trends, internet users have been typing the phrase ‘World War 3’ so many times, it has broken a historic record. The data analyzed from Google Trends shows that people have been obsessed with the idea of the worldwide conflict escalating in recent days. Searches for ‘World War 3’ hit their highest level this month since records started in 2004, according to the data provided by Google trends (see below). 

At first, users were concerned about reports of a US missile attack on an air base in Syria and Russia’s response to that, according to the International Business Times. Then, fears intensified even more amid the escalation of conflict between the US and North Korea.Apart from the most trending phrase, searches for “Trump war” have also hit a record high this month amid the president’s military moves. ‘Syria war’ searches are also at an all-time high, while searches for ‘nuclear war’ are also at the highest point this year. Here’s to hoping that WW3 stays in search engines only.