Leaked: The secret List Of Illuminati Satanic Commandments! (PHOTO+VIDEO)


An anonymous insider who claims to have spent a staggering forty-seven years at the top levels of the shadowy organization known as the Illuminati has come forward to share with the world some harsh and highly disturbing truths about the elusive group.

The anonymous individual said that his conscience simply would not permit him to keep his silence any more about the ruthless and distressing plans of the organization he once pledged his life to. He said that he quit because he ‘couldn’t take it any more’ and now it was his mission to make sure that the people of Earth were made aware of what sinister plans were bubbling underneath the surface.One of the most compelling features of the series of confessions issued by this former Illuminati member is the unique code which he claims that all members of the Illuminati have to live by. These commandments confirm what many people have suspected for a long time concerning the spiritual make up of the organization, as in, there are deep Satanic undertones associated with Illuminati membership. Lucifer, whom Illuminati members refer to as ‘the light bearer’ is believed to have created two forms of people. Illuminati members are taught that they belong to a chosen higher caste fit to control and dominate the rest of the world who are referred to as ‘human cattle, good for nothing but to be enslaved, mocked and slaughtered.’ One of the methods the Illuminati apparently used to mock the so-called human cattle is to constantly place the truth about themselves and their plans for the world in plain sight. Then they can sit back and laugh as other people subject those who speak the truth about them to campaigns of ridicule and harassment. While the Illuminati members clearly find this kind of thing deeply amusing, there is nothing at all comical about their end goal, according to the anonymous insider. Ultimately, the powerful group plan to enslave the human race entirely underneath the banner of the One World Government which they will lead. The only way to stop them is for more people to become aware of their terrible plans and the methods they are using to implement them.


  1. The light bearer, Lucifer, created only two basic types of people: we, the Illuminati, and the human cattle, good for nothing but to be enslaved, mocked and slaughtered.
  2. Achieve the One World Government, alias Global Slavery. “Slaughter the human cattle” of an unprecedented scale is a consequence of the underlying second commandment of Global Genocide.
  3. Have the human cattle robotically repeating that “Black is White”.
  4. Truth (hidden) in plain sight. Openly tell the truth to the human cattle and still make sure that the cattle don’t get it.
  5. Exterminate ALL real Christians and ALL Jews as soon as possible. Note: Jews refers to both race and religion.
  6. Obey yourself alone.
  7. Make the human cattle believe that there is NO creator.
  8. Endless deception, to serve NOTHING but simulated reality at the end of the show.
  9. Rewrite History to formally turn defeat into victory.