Strange Alien Body Found After UFO Sighting In California (Photo+Video)

alien body in california

Californians were shocked and captivated to see a strange, unidentified object flying in the night’s sky over their houses, but for one woman, a bizarre and horrifying night was only just beginning. Gianna Peponis, of San Jose, California was in her home at approximately just before midnight when she was disturbed by a blood-curdling shriek that seemed to be coming from her side yard.

Peponis hurried outside to try and find out what could be making such a terrible noise and began to search her garden.

After looking around her garden, Peponis made a shocking discovery; the small body of an unidentified creature.

The two-limbed body was hairless and shimmery. The face was particularly shocking and grotesque with flattened, low hanging ears, what appears to be a snout.

Its blank and otherworldly blue eyes were open and stared. A pursed, small slit-like opening which may be a mouth was open in what appears to be a cry of pain.


Whatever the creature was in life, when Peponis found made the gruesome discovery it had died.

Upon examination, it appears to have suffered traumatic injuries with extensive, large bruises found on its neck and lacerations between its legs.

Peponis horrified and shocked by what she had found immediately took photographs and shared the images of the creature on her Facebook account.

None of her friends could identify what the creature was although they advised removing it from her property and salting the ground afterwards.

Could it be possible that this is evidence of visitors from a planet far from our own?

Or is it all just a coincidence? Could there be a more humdrum explanation for the discovery of this bizarre and hideous creature?

Either way, Gianna Peponis is unlikely ever to forget what happened to her that night.