Alien Megastructures Orbit 64 Nearby Stars Says Astronomer (VIDEO)


Astronomers have more or less confirmed it. Not just one, but 64 alien-like mega structures are said to be orbiting stars close to Earth. Astronomers of various credibility have claimed that these mega structures are more likely to be shaped like thin discs rather than spherically. Many astronomers have a general consensus: If you know where to look, you can probably find these orbiting alien megastructures.

It all started out as a confusion, maybe even a glitch in the equipment that was used. However, as checks were done, more and more confirmed that this was not a technical error. Tabetha Boyajian, a postdoc at Yale, told The Atlantic that “It was really weird. We thought it might be bad data or movement on the spacecraft, but everything checked out.” This means to say that this is not a false alarm, but a rather shocking and true statement of fact from a credible source. Many astronomers, based on the research that they have gotten, are now starting to gather evidence that these mega structures are actually the Dyson Sphere – a theory that was hypothesized by the physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson. The Dyson Sphere isn’t some fairy-tale – it proves that super advanced civilizations are out there in the galaxy. We are not alone. Why does this prove that super advanced civilizations, so much more advanced than humankind actually exists? In his theory, Dr. Dyson theorized that as a civilization advances, its energy demand constantly increases, and exponentially, one day, if human civilization were to last long enough, this energy output could actually rival that of a sun. The Dyson Sphere is a theory of a mega machine that is able to collect the power output of an entire star. Who needs that much energy to power their homeland, and what do they have that requires that much power? Do these logical questions sound scary enough to you yet?

The theory that humankind is not alone in the entire universe might seem like a far-fetched tale, but in recent years, and as our technological advances in research and Space improves, humankind finds more and more shocking secrets – let us hope that these alien like mega structures are one from a friend – not a foe, if not we would have a reenactment of the Marvel movies – but in real life. If that doesn’t sound scary enough for you, nothing ever will.