The Illuminati Are Mocking Truthers With Katy Perry’s New Satanic Ritual (VIDEO)


Think about the modern female pop star and one person comes to mind, Katy Perry. She is beautiful, young and controversial but she is controlled completely by the music industry Illuminati. Therefore it should come as no huge surprise to find that in her music video Bon Appetit there is plenty of symbols of the Illuminati. Perry had made public overtures in 2014 regarding the Illuminati and flaunted herself begging to be allowed to join the secret society. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said that if the Illuminati do exist she would want to join the club.

Perry Is Like Demonic Play Dough Waiting To Be Shaped

Three years later and she may be considered demonic play dough. She had been right at the front of the agenda of the elite for many years now and she has given her soul to the music industry. This means that she will be forever pursued by Satan.

However, when Perry released “Chained to the Rhythm” at the 2017 Grammy Awards, things started to turn sour for Perry. While she gave a performance that was symbolic, it was the statements that Perry made to host Ryan Seacrest before the actual show that revealed her as a mind controlled slave. When interviewed Perry talked about her brief spell away from the music business and Perry went on to cause a lot of controversies when she poked fun at the head shaving debacle of Britney Spears. She said that it was called taking care of mental health but she hadn’t shaved her head yet. Of course, this was mocking what had been a very traumatic period in the life of Britney Spears ten years after it occurred and people saw it as disrespecting Spears. However, the sad thing is that the Illuminati perhaps have the same plans for Perry. Spears showed all the symptoms of the classic breakdown, Rehab, mental evaluation and the forced rides in an ambulance are perhaps all words to describe mind control re-programming. When trying to escape from the MK programming it is not unusual for slaves to shave off their hair as a way of making them feel liberated from the control of their handler. Perhaps the breakdown of Spears had been a failed attempt to escape. Her demeanor was said to be zombie like and every single part of her life has been controlled very tightly. Kanye West and Amanda Bynes both followed the exact same pattern and what did Perry do not too long after she had mocked the sad event? She went on to shave her head. In the symbolism of the Illuminati blonde hair that is short is an indication that the slave has been messed with recently. Red Dress With One-Eye Veil Drenched In Illuminati Symbolism The artistic output of Perry went on to become more drenched with Illuminati symbolism that was sickening, with everything being soaked in MK-ULTRA occult imagery. This could be seen at the Met Gala in May at which Perry made an appearance in what can only be described as the most Illuminati dress ever. The dress had been created by Maison Margiela, the favorite designer of Jay-Z, in bright red, which in the occult world represents a sacrifice. The veil representing secrets and rituals and of course, once the veil is removed from the head of the bride it means they are ready to consume the wedding. A slave to the elite is much the same but the marriage is with Lucifer.

What was even stranger about the veil was that it had the design of an eye that covered one of Perry’s eyes. This made Perry a walking talking one-eye sign, the one-eye is used to identify pawns of the elite industry. Around the eye was the word witness and on each of the sides of Perry’s head were two spiral pyramids, which seem to resemble horns. Perry wallowed in deep Illuminati symbolism and after the gala, she posted a photograph on Instagram both flaunting and mocking the human cattle on the red carpet. Perry has a one-eye sign on her red thumbnail and she also held up the New York Times, which showed a photograph of her on the front page along with all the headline news, including a riot and a person on fire. This seemed to suggest chaos, destruction and death are something that should be celebrated.

Slave To The Elite During the Met Gala Perry sang her new song Bon Appetit and this is a song. The performance was also said to be filled with symbolism of the Illuminati, including hands reaching out to hold her, representing handles that were controlling her. The bizarre outfits Perry wears and the videos and songs that are disturbing are not random, they follow on in the same pattern that is playing at the top of the music industry, the symptoms, signs and symbols are all there. Perry has sold her soul, is deep in the Illuminati and there is no coming back from it.