Proof Of A Giant Race: The Giant Library Of Prague Castle Is The Biggest Discovery Ever! (Photo+Video)

giant prague

A mystery has been on the internet since 2013, and it revolves around the above image.Here you can find most of the contents of the library but you will never find giant books. This photograph, attributed to M. Peterka ca. 1940, seems to lack all provenance. Though the image is often said to have come from the Archives of Prague Castle, the Librarian Shenanigans blog has chatted with the head archivist there who claims it is not from their archives.
The Archives of Prague Castle in the Chancery of the President of the Republic came into being in 1920. Their beginnings are linked with the peace treaties following the end of the First World War and the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Apart from the Archives in Prague Castle (APC) there were also established in the Czechoslovak Republic (CZR) at approximately the same time the Archives of the Ministry of the Interior (1919), the State Agricultural Archives (1919), the Archives of the National Assembly (1920), the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Archives of the Ministry of National Defence (1920).
The archives of the Prague castle have a web page with the following address: .

The APC then, thanks to a happy constellation of personalities and politics, won themselves the position of the “family silver” of the new Czechoslovak archive system in the twenties and the thirties.

The first Castle Archivist was Dr. Jan Morávek, a supporter of the subordination of the archive network of the new state to the Ministry of Education and National Revival (MŠANO) who was in favour of the establishment of the single National Czechoslovak Archives.

Dr. Jan Morávek participated in the seeking out, separation and returning to Prague of the documents stored in the Imperial Archives in Vienna. This so-called archival and documentary separation between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Republic of Austria was completed in 1923. Thanks to this there were returned to the Czech archives not only the written memorabilia and documents necessary for the functioning and operation of the new state, but also archive material of permanent historical and heuristic value.

For the growing funds of the APC space was found in the vaulted rooms of the South Wing of the New Palace of Prague Castle, at the level of the future South Gardens of Plečnik.

Here you can find most of the contents of the library but you will never find giant books.
This is not the first time gigantic books have been reported and suddenly disappear. There seems to be a worldwide cover-up on this kind of artifacts, historians and scientists deny the evidence that gigantic human beings existed or exist on earth, why? This is a good question we must ask ourselves, why the evidence of giants are hidden from us. Please watch video below to learn more about this photo and please share your thoughts.