Morgue Workers Share The Most Weirdest Things They’ve Seen On The Job (Photo+Video)

Grungy and high contrast photo of morgue trays

Over on Reddit, a user who goes by the name “impeccableflaws” asked: Morgue workers of Reddit, what have you seen that would surprise most people? The answers poured in by the dozens, many of them as strange as they were fascinating. For instance, one user wrote: “A young woman arrived at the funeral home – I walked to the embalming table and lost my breath from the resemblance to my girlfriend – she was 300 miles away at college but I had to shut down for several minutes to assure myself of the facts – still had to call her at the end of the day (years before common mobile phones).” Intrigued? Read on below for more stories.

Are you a morgue worker? What’s the coolest, spookiest, or most bizarre thing you’ve seen while on the job? Share it with us below in the comments section.