MYSTERIOUS! Enigmatic ‘Tattooed Fish’ Has Baffled Paranormal Experts! (VIDEO)


We have heard many stories about people being in contact with extraterrestrial beings through abductions or even visions or dreams. There certainly were other species on Earth that may have been in contact with other wordly beings, but being on a different level of rationality from humans, it’s not possible to communicate with other animals to know what they lived through. Recently, a mysterious fish was caught in the Philipines bearing strange tattoos on it’s fleshy surface. The tattoo’s show strange letters and symbols like a shield along with other bizarre things.

Many believe that this fish is supernatural or was supernaturaly marked to send a message to humanity. Others believe it’s extraterrestrial or experimented on by extraterrestrial beings. Some people offer a less supernatural explanation saying that the fish may have been caught in some plastic waste. What could be origin of this enigmatic fish? Watch the following video to know more!