Phaethon – The Missing Planet Of Our Solar System: Destroyed By An Ancient Nuclear War? (VIDEO)

There is a belief that if we study other planets in our solar system, we might be warned of the fate that could befall the earth if we aren’t careful. This could certainly be the case when it comes to Phaethon, the tenth planet in our solar system. Some of you are no doubt thinking wait there are only nine planets in our solar system, and we have never heard of Phaethon. Well, some have heard of Phaethon and have been researching the existence of the planet for years. A scientist has for years studied the asteroid particles that seem to hoover around the area between Mars and Jupiter. These asteroids have scientists and even writers of science fiction wondering if perhaps hundreds of year ago another planet existed in our solar system.

Tenth Planet in Solar System Discovered

The planet which has been named Phaethon has been researched for years, and many believe that this planet could have been highly advanced civilization. So, what happened to Phaethon, why does it no longer exist? Well, many believe that the asteroid belt that surrounds the large expanse of space between Mars and Jupiter is all that remains of Phaethon and that it was lost in a huge blast that caused it to explode literally. There are those who speculate that the blast was so monumental that it could be that of a nuclear explosion. But was the nuclear explosion man made or was it done by the atmosphere itself? Well, this has also been researching, and some scientists believe it was an implosion by the atmosphere itself. There is also a belief that Phaethon got into a battle with it’s closest neighbor Mars which many believe was also habitable at that time. Either way, there could be a cautious lessen for the earth itself since the atmosphere if the earth is now suffering and the earth has much unrest along with nuclear technology. But despite the research evidence that Phaethon did exist there are those who argue the other side of the coin. There are researchers who dispute that Phaethon ever existed at all, despite the distance between Jupiter and Mars, along with the huge asteroid belt that surrounds this area. According to these researchers believe though that these asteroids aren’t the debris of a planet but the beginnings of new planets that will evolve in the future. It turns out there is an argument for this theory as well, along with proof. So, which theory is true, perhaps none of us will know in our lifetimes. After all, if these asteroids are the beginning of new planets it could take millions of years for these to form and none of us will be around. In the mean time the area around Jupiter and Mars remains a mystery one that scientists, researchers, and authors have pondered, even if they don’t always agree on what this area represents.