Who Rule the World? The Rothschild Family Is Worth $500 Trillion And Is Not On World’s Rich List! (Video+Photo)


The enigmatic family obviously will hide their wealth from the masses and won’t even figure out in the world’s most rich list. ROTHSCHILD FAMILY OBVIOUSLY HIDE THEIR WEALTH  Obviously, there is a reason behind it, and the reason is that they control the wealth flow across the world. The family tree begins with Mayer Amschel Rothschild a court Jew or personal banker of the German royals in the city of Frankfurt started his banking business in 1760. He later established a banking empire via his five sons namely Salomon-Mayer von Rothschild, Nathan Mayer-Rothschild, James-Mayer de Rothschild, and Amschel Mayer who spread out in all corners of Europe in the nineteenth century.

This family amassed huge amounts of wealth, and it is still growing through its huge family. Rothschild is synonymous with money, and they are the most powerful and wealthy family in the world. They have big investments in real estates, industries, oil, etc.

They also had close relationships with royal families where they went to establish their banking empire and examples are Carl was very close to the Italian Nobel de’ Medici and Evelyn de Rothschild is the personal financial advisor of the English Queen.

This family has said to be worth more than 500 trillion dollars but still, they do not appear in the rich list as the flimsy reason given is that the wealth is now distributed within their large family. The wealth they have made does not come through honest means but rather shady deals and arms selling. Such was their shrewdness that they conspired against Britain and funded Napoleon to conquer Britain, but later decided it was profitable that Britishers won the war and the Royal family be indebted to Rothschild.Till to date, they fund the wars, either winner or losers, in any case, it is a win-win situation for them. They also have secret and intimate relationships with the royal families around the world.