A Time Capsule To Be Opened In 6939 Contains A Message From 1938 by Albert Einstein


The Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company made two time capsules, one for the New York World Fair in 1939 and the other for the fair in 1964. Both of the capsules were buried 50 feet under the Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which was where the famous fair was held. The capsule buried in 1965 was 10 feet to the north of the one that had been buried in 1939 and both of them were to be opened five thousand years following the burial of the first time capsules sealing.

Thirty-five everyday items were placed into Time Capsule 1 along with 75 different types of metal, plastic, fabric and seeds along with modern literature, contemporary art and news events that had been recorded. The micro-file was said to have more than a thousand pictures and ten million words and had a small microscope for viewing the files, along with the instructions needed on how to make a large viewer for microfilm and motion picture projector.

Copies of Life Magazine from that time were also included along with a dollar in change, pack of cigarettes, Kewpie doll, newsreel, a hat, dictionary and almanac, among others. Various seeds were included, such as cotton, soybeans, sugar beets, barley and rice, all of which were put into glass tubes. Perhaps more importantly, at least to this story, was The Book of Record of the Time Capsule, was put on microfilm and included in the time capsule, with a message from Albert Einstein.

Message From Albert Einstein Relays Achievements Made And Darker Side

The messages from Albert Einstein told about the inventions that had been made which helped people live their lives better. He went on to say that power was being utilized to be able to relieve humanity from their tiring work. Einstein bragged about learning to fly and the fact that messages could be sent throughout the world without any great difficulty via electric waves.


On a darker side, he talked about people living in fear of elimination from the economic cycle, suffering from want of everything and how people in different countries were killing each other and people thinking about the future had to also live in terror and fear. Einstein went on to say that it was down to the fact that intelligence and character of the masses were lower than that of the few who could provide something valuable to the community. The time capsule from 1938 was die-stamped on the exterior with that message so anyone finding it could read it, even before its scheduled opening in 6939. That is, of course, providing there is still someone around to discover the capsules by then, as the world has achieved so much more today, nuclear weapons for one, and countries are still fighting one another and people living with fear and terror, just this time on a much more deadlier scale, World War III, the nuclear war that ends the world.