Legendary Tower Of Babel Is Real: Ancient Babylonian Tablet Confirmed Legend! (Photo+Video)

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There is a wide range of beliefs on how much of the bible is historically accurate and how much is allegorical or myth. So when a non-religious professor comes along with evidence of it being factual then it is certainly worth investigating!
People decided to build a tower to the heavens and concentrate on glorifying themselves and staying put rather than filling the earth as God had commanded them to.


Linguistics theorizes that originally there was only one language spoken and it is a view the bible shares as in Genesis 11 it states

“And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar [Babylonia]; and they dwelt there.” This would not be the first time that modern theories have mirrored what was written in the bible many thousands of years earlier. Earlier in Genesis we read of the creation of man himself and woman is made out of man. Indeed a man has an XY chromosome and a woman has XX. You can make a woman out of man but not a man out of woman.

So the people decided to build a tower to the heavens and concentrate on glorifying themselves and staying put rather than filling the earth as God had commanded them to. For this disobedience God scattered them round the world and confused their languages so they couldn’t understand one another. The modern linguistic theory is no doubt somewhat different but is there any evidence the tower ever existed? Andrew George, a professor at the University of London, thinks there is and it’s in the form of a baked tablet from the city of Babylon which dates to the 6th century BC. It was discovered a century ago in what is now modern day Iraq and it shows what the tower looked like, with seven steps. It also depicts the king with a conical hat and staff.


“This is a very strong piece of evidence that the tower of Babel story was inspired by this real building, At the top. There is a relief depicting a step tower and. A figure of a human being carrying a staff with a conical hat on. Below that relief is a text which has been chiseled into the monument, and the label is easily read. It reads: Etemenanki, Ziggurat Babel.” “And that means ‘the Ziggurat or Temple Tower of the City of Babylon.’ The building and its builder on the same relief, ” the professor says. In the text is an account of the people enlisted to construct the tower, Dr George translates: From the Upper Sea [Mediterranean] to the Lower Sea [Persian Gulf] the Far-Flung Lands and Teeming Peoples of the Habitations I Mobilized In Order to Construct This Ziggurat of Babylon.

This is further proof the tower of Babel was an actual building according to the Smithsonian. “After Darwin cast a doubt on the story of a six-day creation, people began to ask what else in the Bible might not be true, ” Dr. George told Breaking Israel News. “In the 19th century there was a discovery that the Assyrian kings described in the Bible were real and corroborated by archaeological evidence, making us ask now, how much more in the Bible is true?” The Hittites were once a people only known from the bible and thought to be mythological until archaeological evidence for them began to be uncovered. What else remains to be discovered and how will it impact our understanding of history? It was already thought that King Nebuchadnezzar II had built a ziggurat in Babylonia after the establishment of the city has his capital. The tablet adds more evidence.

Babylon was founded about 2300 BC and was around 80 miles south of what is now Baghdad. The Hittites sacked it in 1595 BC, but Nebuchadnezzar began to rebuild it in 612 BC, making a new edifice around an older tower. It is thought the tower of Babel was 300 feet tall and 300 feet along the sides. There is only a fraction of it left and it is scattered and broken.