Zero Point Energy: The Power Source Behind The Secret Space Program (VIDEO)

Meet Mark McCandlish, a military aeronautical illustrator that has worked on many classified projects for the government. This all started ever since he was born, as his own father is a United Air Force veteran, working 25 years. Mark himself is renowned in his field of conceptualization and illustration of military aeronautical machines, over his long career spanning 30 years.

Working on projects such as these has allowed him to come across strange phenomena that have led him to discover the science behind the first UFO he spotted way back in the winter of 1966. Ever since then, he has also had a dozen more sightings, which has caused his firm belief that interstellar fight that does not violate the current laws of physic and gravity is definitely possible.

Mark McCandlish, illustrator of the future

Mr. McCandlish came under fire for conceptualizing and illustrating a project he was not supposed to know about. Since then, he has been an active activist that the government is harboring secrets, they very same ones, that he has always been looking for. He asked the question that has since lingered in the air of much conspiracists: Is there a secret space program? Mr. McCandlish claims that something called the Zero Point Energy exists on our planet. It is the power source that is fueling the Secret Space Program and is the main purpose of the Breakaway Civilization. This theory involves how back-engineering off-world technology has allowed powerful corporations to take control of governments, allowing them world dominion. This allowed these corporations to develop its own secret space program and develop a break-away civilization that has its very own different set of objectives. The Secret Space Program One will never know just how many secrets a government can be harboring. Are we truly in control? Nobody knows the real answer to that, only the puppet master does. In the meantime, one can hope that the truth about extraterrestrials with fully proven evidence can be discovered and released to the world.