This Man Predicted Putins Role In Stopping World War III 80 Years Ago (VIDEO)


One person playing a central role among the world nations while tensions mount is President Vladimir Putin , but could he possibly be the one who will stop World War III from happening?


A lot of the psychic readings of Cayce were during the early part of the 20th century and went through two world wars along with the Great Depression.

Before he died in 1947 many of the things that he had predicted had come true, including the 1929 stock market crash and events that had related to both of the World Wars.

He even warned about the deaths of two of the presidents of the US.

Cayce made many statements about finance of the world, leadership, and the role that Russia would play in the global turmoil that is happening today.

So did he predict Putin would stop another war from happening more than 80 years ago?

Cayce described a future when the crises of the world would hang on finance and he said that Russia was going to be a thorn in the side of financial powers that were going to organize themselves against the good of humanity.

The present day is now on the edge of a knife and in 2013 the US tried to invade Syria under false pretenses and Putin was the one who prevented involvement by the US as he threatened military intervention in a conflict that at that time had not developed into the conditions that are seen today.

Russia, under the guidance of Putin, emerged as a single force that was capable of checking the baking global advance of cabal and refuses to let Ukraine along with


Crimea falls under the hands of forces backed by the West.

The world is now balancing between the chance of World War III escalating and a very distant hope that the leaders of the world will find sanity and de-escalate the present situation.

Cayce had talked about the role of Russia as being the hope of the world when he said that in Russia there comes hope for the world.

He said that the principle had been born and that it would take many years for it to be crystallized, however, out of Russia would come hope.


Even well before WWII Cayce foretold the need for Russia to evolve spiritually so that it would rise in opposition to the decaying moral values held by the West and play a big role in the great hope of the world.

He said that much needed spiritual leadership was going to come from Russia and people would not see the guaranteed destruction of World War III.

So it looks like Cayce predicted Russia would see common sense and be the gap between World War III happening and spiritual leadership.

Putin did say when talking about the relationship between the US and Russia at the summit that America must rise above the desire to dominate and stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions.

He said that they should not poison the minds of millions of individuals.