Mystery island appears suddenly in the Bermuda Triangle (Video)


High strangeness is nothing new when it comes to The Bermuda Triangle, but even I have to scratch my head when i hear a new island “suddenly appears” out of the waters. Usually we associate this area with ships & planes going missing, or having navigational problems, but a new island?

Now im sure there are perfectly logical, geological explainations as to the cause of this, but still, its the Bermuda Triangle. There is another story about a strange triangle in Asia where there is much high strangeness occurring at this time.


A new island has formed in the Bermuda Triangle, but people are being told to stay away.

Nicknamed Shelly Island by locals because of the large number of shells on it, the mile-long sand bank appeared over the last couple of months.

The island is off Cape Point in North Carolina and is becoming something of an attraction.

Janice Regan visited Cape Hatteras point with her grandson Caleb for Memorial Day.

She told PilotOnline: ‘Yeah, isn’t it crazy? It was just a little bump in April.

However people are being told to stay away because of strong currents in the gap separating the sandbank from the mainland.



The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the large scale freight and passenger vessels in the Asian waters is concerning experts in the region.

Some fear that the trouble zone will become a place where ships disappear, often without a trace, after six of the top 10 biggest losses took place near Asian countries.

According to a report by insurance firm, Allianz subsidiary Global Corporate & Specialty, the waters off southern China, Indochina, Indonesia and the Philippines were the site of a quarter of all losses, German newspaper, WELT reports.