Opportunity Images Show ALIEN Presence on Mars? (Video+Photo)

Streetcap1 believes he has discovered strange objects in photographs NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover took in 2005. He wonders whether these objects are extraterrestrial or not.

The first picture shows something something what looks like an alien craft, while the second photo appears to show a white Martian object in the distance.

As usually there’s much discussion on social media on these objects.

The white Martian object might be an alien, a humanoid, while one thing bigger standing behind the humanoid. Explanations for the thing in the first photo vary from an alien craft to a Mars vehicle with begs, etc.

No doubt, many photos captured by the Opportunity and the Curiosity have already shown overwhelming proof of past and present ‘intelligent’ life on Mars but if we take a closer look at the 2 objects depicted in the 2005 photographs it’s clear that it has nothing to do with aliens, humanoids or any type of alien craft or vehicle.

It turns out the type of alien craft is just a part of the Lander Shell (heat shield) of the Opportunity while the white Martian object is a reflection of sunlight on one other part of the Lander Shell.

Above photographs were taken by the Opportunity in 2005 (SOL 319 to SOL 344) and show besides the heat shield, several other parts of the Lander Shell as well as some mechanical parts reflected by sunlight.