Researchers Claim This Is Where “The Garden Of Eden” Once Stood! (Photo+Video)


The birth place of humanity, also known as ‘The Garden of Eden’, at least according to the Christian Religion.

In the first book of the Holy Bible, there are several passages explaining that the first Man and Woman were created in this mythical garden, where they ate the forbidden fruit and were expelled from this earthly paradise.

If the legendary Garden did exist, it’s whereabouts are “forever lost”.

Another well-known biblical story tells about a massive flood that submerged the entire world, therefore, destroying and deforming all the land in the world moving to a new age we can call ‘The Post-Flood Era’.

But religious scholars and other experts think they found the actual location of where the Garden of Eden once stood!

According to researchers, they claim the garden’s location is somewhere in Iraq in a place called the Ahwar marshes.

Watch the following video to know more!