Testimony Of Roswell Deputy Sheriff: “I Saw A Massive Flying Saucer And Four Dead Aliens!” (VIDEO)

The incredible rising number of UFO sightings over the years is something to talk about, as it may be the time for humanity to finally meet extraterrestrial visitors. But let’s go back some decades and look into one of the most notorious events in UFO history, the ‘Roswell incident’.

In 1947 a “flying saucer” crashed in Roswell, and the military raided the area to begin it’s cover up.

It made into newspapers front page, later to be changed into something else as part of this cover up.

There have been clues about the incident here and there, but nothing absolutely “tangible”.

One testimony about an alleged Roswell UFO crash site has been brought up by a man who claims to have seen a massive Flying Saucer crashed in a canyon.

The flying saucer was already circled by the military of an unknown branch.

Along with the UFO, there were humanoid corpses being carried away. He even describes the appearance of the extraterrestrial beings.

Watch the following video to know more!