AMAZING! Dead alien baby and pregnant mother found inside tomb in Peru! (Video)

The ancient world is not only fascinating to archaeology and history enthusiasts but also to those who study the presence of ancient aliens and UFOs in our world during those ancient times.

As we step further into the past, we can see that some of its history doesn’t add up as viewed from mainstream history terms.

Many believe that extraterrestrial or otherworldly entities have helped humanity evolve in the past and that powerful and technologically advanced civilizations were dominant on the ancient Earth. But where’s the evidence of such beings having existed thousands of years ago?

This year we had a huge find of what appears to be mummified remains of humanoid beings with three long fingers on each hand and an unusual body structure. It was found near Nazca in Peru, where many know it to have some of the most mysterious land anomalies on Earth showing huge drawings carved on the ground known as ‘the Nazca lines’.

Recently, the team behind the research of these Peruvian alien mummies have discovered a smaller child like mummy with something peculiar in its pelvic area. According to X-rays, this mummy had three translucent eggs inside it.

Researchers believe these creatures to be reptilian in nature that evolved like us humans but took a different evolutionary path. Watch the following video to know more!