Scientist who dug into Hell in Siberia and recorded the Cries of the Damned Souls (Audio+Video)

These details are from the translation of an article in a Finnish newspaper named ‘Ammennusatia’. After all, does hell exist or not?

Some people believe that yes, that hell exists and may be underground, other people think that hell can be in a spiritual world far from the Earth, and other people still believe that the Earth is already hell itself.

We can not say whether or not hell exists, but there is a terrible story that made some scientists believe that hell exists. Know our story about the 5 biblical evidence that hell does not exist.

In mid-December 1989, a group of Russian geologists drilled a 14,000-meter-deep well in Siberia, and they said they heard regrets coming from the center of the earth, asking for water and mercy.

According to the scientists, after having drilled several kilometers, the equipment began to operate wildly, giving the impression that the center of the Earth is hollow. They only got about 25 seconds of audio before the microphone melted, but it was 17 horrifying seconds of the screams of the damned.


The Sounds Of Hell Recorded By Miner In Siberia!

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