Strange structures on Mars connected to the Sphinx and pyramids of Gizeh? (Video)

Buried in the sand almost all his life, around the enigmatic Sphinx, has always been a mysterious aura, causing speculation about the age, significance, the way of building, the secret rooms, the prophetic role and the relationship with pyramids, not less mysterious. Much of these theories depress Egyptologists and archaeologists who strive to be the sole masters and possessors of the Sphinx secrets. Perhaps the primary role of this national symbol of ancient and modern Egypt, which guards the Gizeh Plateau, has always been: to stir up the imagination of poets, scholars, mystics, adventurers and centuries-old tourists.


There are different legends about the secret passages associated with it. Investigations from the State University of Florida, Waseda University of Japan and those of the University of Boston have identified several anomalies in the area around the monument, although they may be natural features. In 1995, workers working to renovate a nearby car park discovered a series of tunnels and roads, two of which led underground near the Sphinx.

Between 1991 and 1993, while examining the evidence of the erosion of the monument using a seismograph, Anthony West’s team discovered evidence of abnormalities in the form of regular, bare spaces or hollow spaces, located a few feet below ground, between the paws of the Sphinx and On each side of it. No further examination was allowed. Have there been any rumors of truth in Edgar Cayce’s prophecy about the discovery of a library?


Mars should be investigated from all wrists. Lately, too many strange discoveries have been made on the “red planet,” which makes us wonder if an ancient civilization once existed on Mars. An SFINX on Mars? A similar building with the ancient Egyptian monument has been detected on the surface of the red planet. Ufologists have analyzed the photographs of the Curiosity rover, which roam the surface of Mars, and claim to have identified evidence of a Sphinx. Amateur astronomer Joe White (45) saw a strange conglomerate of rocks in a video.

His observation looks very strange and resembles a known statue, enormously long and complete with a head. “We have estimated that the object is at least 30 meters long, or even 60”, says White, When examining the 1976 photographs taken at the Viking 1 mission on Mars, many people noticed a relief that looked very good with a human face. In 1998, the Mars Global Surveyor probe provided several detailed pictures of the mysterious rock formations. It was claimed that the so-called face was the effect of an optical illusion determined by the angles under which the light came into contact with the surface and the cavities of the rock formations.

The bizarre rock structure was noticed in photos taken in the Cydonia region. Was it a game of lights and shadows? Is it a coincidence creation of the forces of nature? Or to be a sculpture, left behind by a civilization that once developed on the “red planet”? For more insights watch the following video or visit de source link: