UFO Hangar! Area 51 Hidden Underground Base FOUND? Juli 2017 (Video)

Area 51, the infamous military site that holds many top secrets over the years, has had its fair share of conspiracy theories surrounding it ever since it made the news decades back. Even now, many still debate over the “experiments” and extraterrestrial life living/captured and brought over to Area 51 for experimentation.

The main purpose of Area 51, till today, remains unclear – allowing many conspiracists to let their imagination run free – however, some conspiracy theories still outshine others, causing waves in the community. One such theory that just rocked the conspiracy community is that a UFO hangar has been found by conspiracists who remain devoted to cracking the mystery behind Area 51, scouring satellite Google Earth for weird and peculiar features around Area 51, exposing what really goes on in the area.

The images show a brain-muddling feature – the road up the side of a mountain opens up to a parking-lot like an area that has three different indentations that extend into the mountain, a feature that looks like human-made caves. These “caves” are approximately 10 to 15 miles away, leading conspiracists to believe that these caves hide some secret aircraft of E.T. Origins that are a lot more powerful than ours. Conspiracists have also noted that since the road to the hangar is so narrow, it would be virtually impossible to transport aircraft to the site. Thus, if any plane were to take-off, it had to be a vertical takeoff mechanism. Another more viable theory is that these “caves” actually tunnel straight to Area 51, and other prominent locations in the region.

Unfortunately, no matter how much one can speculate, it will remain highly classified info that no one will get the answer to – considering how top-secret Area 51 has remained over the years. This allows many conspiracists to continue their theories – years after the creation of Area 51. However, it will not be too surprised if other Area 51 researchers find out that the caves were related to some not-so-secret mining operations and companies – which has occurred before in the past. But as long as Area 51 stands, conspiracies will forever shroud the area – for nobody truly knows what it does, to this day. If you want to see the images for yourself, check out this link: