UFO Sceptic baffled by ‘Star Trek Ship” he captured in the Sky (Photo+Video)

A UFO that is said to look like a Star Trek spaceship has been said to have been seen hovering in the night sky above Canada, but a UFO skeptic. Photographs of the strange UFO were taken by a person who self-confesses to be a skeptic, and he admitted that he would have been the last person to say that they believe in extra-terrestrials of UFOs.

Tyler Glockber, UFO hunter and also the founder of Secureteam10 uploaded a video to YouTube, and in the clip, Tyler can be heard saying something flying in the sky over Canada had been photographed. He went on to say that the UFO looked to be saucer in shape and resembled something that looked like the Star Trek ship that is seen in the TV series and movie spin-offs.

The UFO was seen by Chad Haines, and it was photographed near to Random Island in Canada. Haines gave the footage that he managed to capture to a news site in Canada and told reporters that he is the last person to be caught saying that he believed in UFOs, aliens or extra-terrestrials.

However, he went on to say that following seeing the UFO hovering around in the sky close to his home he cannot explain it as being anything other than a UFO. Haines said that he had been in the process of deleting photographs from his camera to free up space for another shoot. He then came across the photographs that he had captured at some time earlier in that year.

He went on to say that the object could be seen hovering close to the water and it was near to the moon and that it had been remained there for around two to three hours. He said that it had remained stationary for the majority of the time, just hovering, then it had started to move up and down and then it shot off rapidly and went out of sight.

Haines said that the UFO was not a plane and that it had been far too big for it to be a drone. Tyler said that another sighting had occurred in the same region more than 37 years ago and this was back in 1978. He went on to say that in that instance the UFO had been a craft that had the shape of a cigar and that it had hovered over Random Island.

In that instance, it had been seen by a police officer. However, when he talked about what he had seen he suffered a great deal of ridicule, so much so, that he very rarely spoke of what he had witnessed again.