Ancient Egypt ruled by GIANT pharaoh as 4,700-year-old remains found! (Video)

Ancient Egypt is filled with countless mysteries as we know only a portion of the history surrounding this powerful empire.

Their mythos are some of the most fascinating in the world and some say they based their Gods on the rulers back then. Some believe these rulers were not your everyday human and Ancient Alien enthusiasts theorize that although they had a recognizable humanoid form, there were certain characteristics that made them stand out from normal ‘Earthlings’.

Many believe that these rulers were gigantic in size, towering their servants and held incredible power that no human has ever possessed.UFO experts speculate that they were the reason why this great civilization was forged and also why some of it’s megalithic structures were able to be erected, like the ‘Great Pyramid of Giza’. Maybe it’s a little to far fetched to believe that divine entities or extraterrestrial beings were behind the rising of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

But it’s known that there were some peculiar rulers during some of it’s Dynasties. Archaeologists have discovered what seems to be the remains of Third Dynasty Egyptian ruler with massive proportions, in other words, a Giant. Watch the following video to know more!