Portal? ‘Translucent Object with Lights’ hovering over Louisiana (Video)

A couple living in Louisiana in the United States have captured some astonishing photographs which many people believe to be a UFO emerging from a portal in the sky.

The couple, who prefer to remain anonymous, claims that they were driving home in their local town of Alexandria in Louisiana when they sighted what appeared to be a UFO emerging from what has been described as a ‘funnel’ in a cloud. The stunned couple took some pictures of the bizarre event which they sent on to the people behind SecureTeam10, a YouTube channel known for its analysis of UFO sightings and other reports of extra-terrestrial activity.

Tyler, one of the chief people behind SecureTeam10 explained that the couple described a white donut shaped cloud forming in the sky above them in an incredibly unusual way which is when they decided to take the astonishing pictures. Later on, they claimed that as they got home, they noted that the sky had transformed into a dark brown color and that a funnel made of vapor had begun to appear at the center of the cloud. At this point, they noticed that an oval object which appeared to be translucent and has lights around its circumference began to emerge. The object was said to have hovered in the sky for a fleeting moment before disappearing from view. Tyler said that the images were deeply unusual and striking because they reminded him of an obscure sixteenth painting from Romania. He said that the painting which was discovered in a monastery featured a house along with a strangely shaped cloud connected to an elongated funnel from which a saucer shaped object was emerging.

Tyler said that these are not the only two incidents with similar features but that these are rare events. However, not everyone is convinced that the sighting was that of a UFO. Some people have said that the pictures are so unusually blurry that this may all be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Others have suggested that it could have simply been an unusual weather event known as a horse shoe vortex. If other people in the local area saw the same thing as the anonymous couple, then it may add credibility to their shocking claims.