Don Antonio Mattatelli, an Italian exorcist well known for his talks about the nature of evil as well as all things related to the devil and demons, spoke out about the recent disasters saying that it is an omen. According to Mattatelli though, it’s only the end of the world as we know it and not the destruction of planet earth.

He connected North Korea and Kim Jong-Un to Satan stating that his rules of forbidding religion replacing God with himself alludes to the fact that he is the devil in disguise.

Perhaps the dictator of North Korea might play a role in the destruction of the current world. It is too much of a coincidence with all that’s been happening in the world this decade, From hurricanes to artificial destruction, to horrible rulers that deny climate, our world is most certainly falling apart. People take North Korea as a joke, but that’s exactly what the world shouldn’t do because if one nation can cause total destruction in a first world country, so can North Korea. The sad part about recent events is that with the exception of the natural disasters, most of all could’ve been avoided.

Climate change has been and continued to harm the planet, and eventually, the end of Earth can occur, maybe the hurricanes are a sign that the planet does not want to be destroyed by humans, so it’s fighting back? The only thing humanity can do for now is prevent any other issues caused by people and be careful that any of the world’s angry power hungry leaders don’t start a nuclear war, then the end of this world will approach for sure.