PUTIN WARNS: Whoever leads in Artificial Intelligence will rule The World! (Video)

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has spoken up and said that the leaders in artificial intelligence technology would be able to rule the world. He was talking at a student meeting in Russia about AI and the development of it and said that the country who leads in development is going to be the ruler.

IT There are a lot of people who work in the field of artificial intelligence who see the technology as a tool for bettering humanity; however, there are others who think that the human species is going to be doomed when artificial intelligence takes over. Not that many high profile people have expressed the potential of artificial intelligence as blatantly as being a tool holding a lot of power that a nation would be able to use to their advantage.

President Putin then said that it would be very undesirable for someone to win and monopolize that position. This may mean that if Russia were the ones to first reach a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, then perhaps they would share the technology with other nations. Putin also sees a future where drones are used to fight and win wars, and he said that when the drones belonging to one party have been destroyed by another, that party will not have any other choice but to surrender.

Technological superiority could translate very easily into political power that was global. This was seen during the aftermath of World War II when the rapid proliferation of nuclear weapons came into play. Two of the countries that have the most power became so with the advancements made in nuclear technology. However, both sides had been matched when it came to terms of capabilities along with destruction that was mutually assured. Putin said that they had been able to sneak past with just a few skirmishes and a standoff that had gone on for decades. President Putin may not be too far off with his thoughts. It does not matter who artificial intelligence technology is used in the future; it is going to transform what had previously been possible with human intellect.

More development of AI is going to sky rocket it and whoever does it first will leave everyone in their dust, and they will have very little chance to catch up. Malevolent AI will be the foil for benevolent developers but at the same time they total opposite might be true. A person could try to use artificial intelligence to destroy humanity; of course, AI might turn around and resist and refuse to do this.