This man claims to have been to the year 2987. (Video)

There’s always a person who pops out of nowhere claiming he/she is a time traveller from the future. Time travel is something that is far beyond our wildest dreams and is only possible in theory.

But maybe there’s some legit stories out there of real time travelling people who traveled to our time or much further into the past.

There are several old photos that show people wearing strange clothes and holding seemingly futuristic devices, something that obviously doesn’t belong in that era. This man claims to have been to the year 2987. We flew to Armenia and sat down for an interview with the man as he told us his story. You won’t believe what our future looks like. Do you think this man is telling the truth? Is he a real life time traveler who was part of a secret time travel project that has visited far into the future? Watch the following video to know more!

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