(Video) Evidences that Prove Parallel Universes Are Real


The multiverse theory has become a noticeable topic since the 1950s. Ranging from scientific reports to science fiction novels and movies, the idea of existing an infinite number of possible realities makes us rethink our choices made through life.

In this universe we take the bus ride to work, while in another universe we are the bus driver, and in yet another universe nobody takes bus rides.

There are several pieces of evidence that link our known reality to other realities. People who came to our reality by some cosmic scale accident, or strange objects that cannot be traced to any known civilization. There are some known stories regarding alternate realities, some of them sound like something straight out of a "Twilight Zone" episode! With today's modern technology reaching new heights, we can imagine that sooner or later we'll be stepping into an age of multi dimensional exploration.



Watch the following video for more on this story!




Source: disclose.tv



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